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A Real Love Survives.
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28th-Feb-2009 02:01 pm(no subject)
Hey guys, sign up on this widget to enter No Doubt's contest! OMG I'M SO EXCITED

Post here!
It's really cool to finally see the tour dates...shame there's not even a few international dates, but I wasn't expecting any. I'm going to travel to the US if my friend can get me a ticket! *fingers crossed*

This animation just makes me happy! LOL

How cute! ^__^
18th-Feb-2009 03:27 pm - new no doubt date
No Doubt will join Tiger Woods on May 16, 2009, at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas to celebrate Tiger Jam XII and kick-off their first tour in five years.

Vegas baby!Collapse )
2nd-Nov-2007 11:32 am - Favourite song from each album?
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

What are your favourite songs?
Okay, so feel free to discuss why aswell if you like ;)
You can have 2 if you really can't decide on one fave!

Mine have to be.....

Self Titled: Ache + Get On The Ball
BSC: Total Hate 95
Tragic Kingdom: Happy Now? + Spiderwebs
Return Of Saturn: Too Late + Dark Blue
Rock Steady: Making Out
Everything In Time: Leftovers + Beauty Contest
22nd-Aug-2007 04:42 pm - No Doubt in the Studio !
{snow white} beautiful dreamer
Hello everyone,

As you can see from the photos here, Tony, Adrian and I, along with producer Spike Stent, have been writing and recording these past few weeks in a Los Angeles studio. We're having a good deal of fun coming up with the music that should eventually become the next ND album. We're excited for everyone to hear it all some time next year. Until then, we hope you're having a musical summer like we are!

SOURCE; nodoubt.com

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30th-Jul-2007 04:28 pm - Great Group!
Hey,this was a great idea-thanks for starting it! Love the layout!
30th-Jul-2007 07:08 pm(no subject)

Hi and welcome to nxd_fans!
I created this community to reunite all the No Doubt fans on LJ.
Please feel free to join and ask any questions. If you have any news, questions for other fans, or would just like to share something with us or discuss a certain topic, post away!
It would be fun to have such things as rare pictures, quizzes and questions posted too.

But please, no fighting! :)
Keep rockin' steady

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